'O.K.C.': Oklahoma City Bombing Movie, Based On McVeigh Defense Team

03/03/2011 10:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sixteen years after the devastating bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a new film will bring the tragedy back into focus.

Deadline reports that director Barry Levinson will helm "O.K.C," a film written by Clay Wold, the brother of a young member of convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh's defense team. The story will focus on his brother, who was a legal clerk, and his determination to unravel the vast conspiracy behind the bombing, an obsession that consumed him.

McVeigh, who was convicted and executed in 2001, perpetrated the crime after planning it with Terry Nichols, who was convicted and given a life sentence. They were helped by Michael and Lori Fortier, who later testified against them. Both McVeigh and Nichols were vehemently anti-government fanatics, though before his conversion, McVeigh served in the military and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in the Gulf War. He later supported the rebels fighting the government at Waco.

The bombing killed 168 and injured 450 more.