Hans Rosling, Fareed Zakaria Speak On CNN Special About How World Is Catching Up To U.S. (VIDEO)

03/04/2011 08:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hans Rosling of Sweden's Karolinska Institute shares some interesting data with Fareed Zakaria on CNN's upcoming special, 'Restoring the American Dream: Getting Back to #1 – A FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Special.'

Rosling used dynamic graphs to illustrate how countries like China and Japan have caught up with the United States over the past few decades in terms of economic growth, life expectancy, and innovation.

After seeing the data, Zakaria summarized the situation the U.S. finds itself in. "It's not that we're falling behind," said Zakaria. "It's that the whole rest of the world has begun to catch up. And what it suggests is that it's not so much that people are overtaking us, it's that everybody is moving into the same space, that there's a whole set of advanced countries, European and Asian, that are all converging in one space."

Zakaria's special debuts this Sunday at 8:00pm ET and PT.

WATCH (via CNN):

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