Michael Vick Reportedly Pulled From ESPN Interview By Eagles: Team Denies Report

03/04/2011 12:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: The Maxwell Club is reportedly taking the blame for Vick's interview being called off. ProFootballTalk reported that the President of the Maxwell Club, ESPN commentator Ron Jaworski, explained in a statement that there was a miscommunication and that Vick was never asked to do an interview. Read more here.

It's becoming more and more difficult to get a word with Michael Vick these days.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was scheduled for a Friday interview on ESPN First Take, which is airing live at ESPN the Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios. But late in the show, host Dana Jacobsen said that the Eagles pulled Vick from the interview.

"We were supposed to have an interview with Michael Vick, we've been telling you about it, and sadly the Eagles actually pulled the interview, is what I'm being told," Jacobsen said. "In all honesty, we were looking forward to talking to Michael about what has been a turnaround season for him and what has been a rough few years and getting to some other stuff."

According to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk, the Eagles denied the report and called it "ridiculous."

"Lou Tilley booked Michael for an interview with ESPN and never asked Michael or myself or any Vick representative," Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko said. "I was here with Michael. He never canceled. He was never asked. It was ridiculous."

Vick was a no-show at a recent charity event called "What It Takes" because he had to go to Virginia for family reasons, according to his press liaison Chris Shigas.

Last month, Vick was scheduled to appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," but canceled due to personal reasons. It was reported that the Eagles voiced objections to the Oprah appearance, but the organization denied the claims.