03/06/2011 07:06 pm ET Updated Jun 15, 2011

Trapped Kittens Rescued After Found In Walls Of Florida Home (VIDEO)

Two stray kittens were rescued yesterday... from a wall. The duo, just weeks old, were stuck for two days inside the walls of a Florida home.

Joy Seward, the homeowner, tells CNN that when she heard meowing, she realized the noise wasn't coming from outside, but rather from inside her home -- inside her walls, to be exact. It is believed that the kittens were carried up into the home in their mother's mouth, and somehow got into the walls.

According to WSVN News, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue used cameras and a stethoscope to locate the trapped kittens, and then broke holes to reach in and grab the cats. The homeowner, Joy Seward, said, "It's worth it to get them out. Hate to think about them staying up there and dying."

Seward hopes to find the stray pair a good home. Perhaps a home with less access to the walls.

WATCH the kittens get pulled out from the walls: