03/07/2011 05:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Always Open With David Koechner' Premieres With Jason Bateman As Guest (VIDEO)

Today's premiere of the Will Arnett/Jason Bateman-produced web series "Always Open With David Koechner" appropriately features Bateman as guest. Watch as he and Koechner sit down to lunch and discuss their biggest fears, including Koechner's claustrophobia and Bateman's OCD-esque hand-washing habits.

The series is a cross promotion between Arnett and Bateman's digital content company DumbDumb and chain restaurant Dennys, where the series is set. It's definitely got a "Seinfeld" style "about nothing" vibe going on, and while Bateman's episode is more subdued, we bet the actual comedians slated to be future guests (Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, and more) will be funnier.