03/07/2011 03:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Carole Hankin, Syosset Superintendent, Takes Home $500,000 In Pay And Perks

As the debate over education budget cuts escalates across the country, one New York Superintendent, Carole Hankin, has garnered attention for the amount of zeros on her paycheck.

The New York Post reports Hankin pulls in over $500,000 in salary and benefits from her job as Syosset Central School District Superintendent, a position she's held for 21 years.

She manages a posh Long Island school district, where families' expensive homes spell out big bucks for education funding.

According to the New York Post,

Carole Hankin -- who oversees 6,687 kids in 10 schools -- is the highest-paid in the state with $506,322 in total compensation. She collects a $386,868 salary, $67,454 in fringe benefits and $52,000 in retirement funds and expenses including use of a "late model car," plus gas.

Hankin's salary rivals President Obama's annual $400,000 paycheck.

Her income may soon be reduced, however, under New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to cap state superintendent salaries.

According to CNN, Cuomo is pushing for a maximum pay of $175,000 for superintendents of the largest school districts in the state, with leaders of smaller districts maxing out at $125,000.