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What Not To Post On Twitter: 11 Things Your Tweeps Don't Need To Know

Think before you tweet.

Twitter is a powerful communication tool used by the likes of protesters, journalists, astronauts and public officials. But tweeters should take caution: the microblogging service is also frequented by employers, insurance companies, law enforcement agents, even criminals. And as search engines like Google and Bing take steps to further integrate Twitter updates into query results, it's more important than ever to watch what you tweet.

Given the platform's simplicity and 140-character limit, it can be tempting to dash off Twitter updates without pausing to consider the impact they can have. Experts agree that users should take a moment before tweeting. Especially if your tweets are public, that moment of reconsideration could save you your job, your personal safety or your reputation.

Browse our slideshow of what not to post on Twitter (below), then view our slideshows of Twitter posts that got people fired and arrested. Do you have a suggestion for our list of Twitter no-no's? Email us at, or upload your own slide via the uploader tool.

For more on social networking safety, check out our slideshow of what not to post on Facebook.

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If you're angry at your boss or playing hookey from work, you probably shouldn't tweet about it. Furthermore, warns Amber Yoo of, tweeting your opinions about work-related topics can lead to trouble in-office. "Unless they are glowing, don't Tweet opinions about your company, clients, products and services. Employers are increasingly monitoring employee conduct on Twitter," says Yoo. "A tweet could cost you your job if you aren't careful."

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