Stephen Colbert: Mike Huckabee, You're On Notice (VIDEO)

03/08/2011 12:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What was Mike Huckabee thinking? He does an interview with his idealogical equal Stephen Colbert and he doesn't give him the full-on crazy he gives everyone else? Note to other politicians who have some pearls of wacko wisdom they're planning to drop on an unsuspecting news cycle: if you don't give those sweet, sweet sound bites to Colbert, you're on notice.

On Monday's Colbert Report, Stephen officially added Mike Huckabee's name to his list of people who are "on notice," for saving all of his "Natalie Portman is bad role model" and "Obama grew up in Kenya" comments for other interviewers:

Huckabee's comments tick me off, not because I disagree with them, folks, but because he didn't make them when he was on my show just one week ago.

Colbert went on to vow that until Governor Huckabee is prepared to come back on The Report and proclaim, "Barack Obama is the forgotten Pointer Sister," he will remain dead to the show.


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