Coney Island Mainstay Businesses Get One More Summer

03/08/2011 03:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Coney Island's boardwalk will look about the same--for one more summer.

Most of the mom and pop establishments, known as the "Coney Island eight" will be back in 2011.

Zamperla, the businesses' landlord, has agreed to a deal with seven of the Coney Island eight that will allow them to operate for one more summer. In exchange, the establishments, including Ruby's Bar and Cha Cha's, agree not to protest their eventual eviction on November 1.

The owner of the "Shoot the Freak" booth took cash instead of a year lease. His makeshift set-up, after all, was demolished without his consent back in December.

Tricia Vita, who runs the Coney Island blog, Amusing The Zillion predicts "Zamperla will once again be seen as the good guy for giving up their strong arm tactics of recent months."

She also Tweeted, "Happy we'll be able to drink @ Ruby's, eat @ Paul's Daughter this season. But deal nothing to celebrate."

Zamperla had tried to force out the Coney Island eight after last summer, in order to make way for a revamped, more modern boardwalk in line with what the Bloomberg Administration would like to see.

Instead, the businesses will have another year to save up money for a move and scout out new locations.