03/08/2011 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Western Illinois University Paper Accidentally Prints Vulgar Byline

Ah, life at a college newspaper, where late nights and lack of sleep can often lead to unfortunate situations. The editor of the Western Illinois University Courier blames stress for a typo on the paper's back page Monday: a byline that described a writer as a "bad motherf*****."

WQAD talked to the paper's editor:

"In any newsroom situation, it's a highly stressful situation. Jokes are made sometimes to defuse that stress and make everybody feel a little more comfortable," said Western Courier editor-in-chief Ed Komenda. "That byline was in the template for years before I started, and it just so happens it got printed accidentally."

The paper has issued a formal apology.

Watch WQAD's full report below.