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Hermain Cain: U.S. Must Stop Being 'Uncle Sucker' In Wars

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Potential GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain warned on Tuesday that the country must avoid acting like "Uncle Sucker" in the conduct of its current military engagements, the Ames Tribune reports.

"The United States has got to stop being Uncle Sucker," he said in response to a question about American war efforts, during a stop in Iowa, according to the local outlet. "We put things on the line, we lose lives, and what do we get in return?"

Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, announced the launch of a presidential exploratory committee for the next election cycle last month.

Since then, he's been a staple at several preliminary GOP presidential cattle calls. He delivered a speech at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference during which he declared that "stupid people" are running America. He also recently took top honors in a Tea Party straw poll among attendees at a national summit in Arizona.

Cain has visited the key primary state of Iowa multiple times, including last weekend, where he participated in a forum put on by The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition alongside other potential contenders.

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