03/13/2011 06:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meggs: The Street Artist's Never-Ending Search For Balance (VIDEO)

New Balance gives us a look into the lives of some of Australia's most creative talent through a photography and documentary series called NB574. MEGGS, a stencil and aerosol artist from Melbourne, is one of Australia's most recognized street artists as well as a member of the infamous Everfresh Studio. He finds a balance in his art by creating a mash-up between the darker aspects of life and optimism. MEGGS' distinguished and highly intricate designs can be found in cities all around the world. By referencing superheroes, villains, and sci-fi characters, he keeps our inner child alive and kicking. Take a look at his first movie for the project and make sure to follow his three part journey here. | Meggs | Part 01 from NB 574 on Vimeo.