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Midwife Robin Lim Operates Birthing Clinic To Help Expectant Mothers Survive In Indonesia

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Robin Lim wanted to reinvent herself.

After suffering the loss of both her sister and her best friend in the same year, she and her husband moved to Bali, Indonesia to find a new life.

A health care professional who authored multiple books on maternal health, Lim decided to volunteer her skills in her new community. She immediately saw a way she could help. She told CNN:

"The situation is bad ... babies are unattended, deliveries have become commercialized, and mothers die from hemorrhage after childbirth because they can't afford proper care."

In Indonesia, many women suffer poor maternal care due to insufficient funds. If they can't afford the cost of delivery, mothers must leave their babies at the hospital and can only see them twice each day until they are able to cover the bill.

In 2003, Lim and her husband opened their first birthing clinic, Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation). She has been featured as a CNN Hero for helping thousands of poor women birth their children naturally and safely.

"Does the world have a responsibility to all pregnant women, to each new baby? Yes. Each baby, each adult deserves a clean, healthy, loving environment. ... Those things are basic. Those are a human right."


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