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10 Quick Spring Getaways (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 03/15/2011 2:46 pm   Updated: 09/20/2011 10:53 am

Spring is in the air (sort of) and you know what that means: Blooming buds, warmer weather, and most important, the will to finally leave the house and take a weekend jaunt.

If you're in the mood for an easy weekend escape, you're in luck, because has rounded up 10 quick spring getaways sure to put some spring in your step.

Whether soaking up the sun or flying down the slopes makes for your ideal vacation, they've rounded up locales just a quick flight from many U.S. cities.

Text and captions courtesy of, adapted from "Top 10 Quick Spring Getaways."

Also, be sure to check out Sherman's list of the best value destinations for spring.

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Death Valley
1 of 11 would never recommend hopping over to the Sahara for a quick spring getaway - nor would they suggest rocketing to Mars anytime soon. And they don't have to, since you can practically experience both by spending a couple of days exploring the vast open spaces, arid mountains, rolling sand dunes, old ghost towns, and barren salt pans of Death Valley. Despite its macabre moniker, this underrated national park in California comes alive with wildflowers through mid-April, and with summer highs soaring above 120 degrees and winter lows dropping below freezing, spring temperatures make it the prime season to discover this 3.3-million-acre park's many wonders: Hike the lowest place in North America (almost 300 feet below sea level), surf a sand dune, visit a Moorish-style castle, and cool down at the top-notch Furnace Creek Inn.
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