03/15/2011 01:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kristen Schaal, Morgan Murphy & Jen Kirkman Behind The Scenes At The Women In Comedy Festival

Our friend Dylan Gadino from Punchline Magazine made the wise choice to attend the 3rd Annual Women In Comedy Festival this past weekend, and he got the opportunity to do a mega-interview with the three headliners of the festival, Kristen Schaal, Morgan Murphy and Jen Kirkman.

The governing principle behind most Web videos, interviews included, is that they shouldn't be more than 3 minutes long, otherwise, the video can't hold the average viewer's attention. So we tip our hats to Dylan for posting this entire 17 minute video without edits. It really allows you to get a feel for the personalities of these incredibly funny women, and reveals little gems here and there that a quicker interview might not catch. Kristen Schaal debating whether or not to do her "squirting" joke leaps to mind.

We also love the contrast of Morgan "preparing" for her set with a bottle of Crown Royal and Jen preparing by putting on makeup.


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