Tench Tilghman School Holds Pre-Test Prayer Service (VIDEO)

03/15/2011 03:58 pm ET | Updated May 26, 2011

One Baltimore public school has pulled out all the stops when it comes to shooting for good test scores: It's turned to divine intervention.

Dozens of students and parents met Saturday inside Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School to pray for students to do well on state tests, reports local CBS station WJZ.

As directed by principal Jael Yon, students received a flier with Bible verses and images of hands clasped in prayer.

David Rocah, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, says the school violated the separation of church and state.

"Not only are they unconstitutional for very good reasons, but they are divisive. They send a message of exclusion to people who are not of the particular faith or of any faith at all," Rocah said.

School officials say prayer can be a strong support system, but they realize it's inappropriate to promote a particular religion.


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