Rod Blagojevich: Impeachment Was 'Tsunami That Happened To Me'

03/16/2011 12:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rod Blagojevich made yet another ill-advised comment on tape Wednesday, and while this one likely won't get him convicted of anything, it's certainly in criminally poor taste.

The former Illinois governor, convicted last summer on one count of lying to federal agents, was filling in on WLS Chicago's "Don Wade and Roma" radio show as a guest host Wednesday when he made the comments. The station features talk from such conservative pundits as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, but has taken a shine to Blagojevich in the years since his impeachment in early 2009, apparently for his willingness to criticize state Democrats.

But on Wednesday, he took his longstanding complaint about the unfairness of his impeachment to a new level.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that he described the impeachment on Wednesday morning's program as a "tsunami that happened to me" -- an apparent reference to the tidal wave that struck Japan and other Pacific islands following last week's massive earthquake.

WLS's own website fails to mention the line, instead leading with Blagojevich's ability to avoid swearing on the program. "Although the delay button was ready, it never had to be used when impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich jumped behind the microphone again on Wednesday morning," WLS reported.

The station also quotes Blagojevich using what's now become a catchphrase of sorts: "It's f'ing golden how I'm doing here refraining from some of those bad words," he reportedly said of his own clean language.

The station's story on Blagojevich also omits his reference to Governor Pat Quinn, Senate President John Cullerton, and House Speaker Michael Madigan as an "unholy trinity," though it does include some of his critical comments of those Democratic leaders.

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