03/16/2011 09:28 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Twitter Ups Security To Defend Against Hackers

Tweet securely.

The micromessage social network just made it possible for members to use a more secure, encrypted HTTPS connection while on Twitter's site, a feature that helps to safeguard personal information, especially for users that access twitter via Wi-Fi, from cyber criminals.

Using HTTPS-secured browsing is essential to prevent violations from programs like Firesheep, a Firefox plugin that makes it possible for other people on the same WiFi network to log in to accounts for your Twitter, Amazon, Dropbox, Flickr, Google, Tumblr and more.

To access Twitter through HTTPS, simply go to your settings and check "Always use HTTPS" at the bottom of the page. Twitter already uses HTTPS as the default for activities like logging in, and for the official Twitter app on iPhone and iPad. Users should check with third-party Twitter clients to see if they offer HTTPS. However, when accessing Twitter's site through a mobile browser, HTTPS is not enabled unless you go to

They are working on making it the default setting in the future, without the user having to first enable it. But for now, be sure to manually change the setting. After all, if Ashton Kutcher's account can be compromised (as it was several weeks ago), it could happen to you.