03/18/2011 09:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Frederick Tapley Stole Rings From Corpse To Pay Cable Bill

A hospital employee in suburban Downers Grove pleaded guilty this week to felony theft after allegedly stealing the wedding and engagement rings from a dead woman's corpse.

Authorities say Frederick Tapley pawned the rings for cash, some of which he used to pay his cable television bill, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. But he soon "realized he made a huge mistake," his attorney George Kallas said, and led police to recover the rings.

The body came into Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, where Tapley worked, on July 2 of last year. At the funeral home, a family member of the deceased woman noticed that her rings were missing and alerted the police, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Tapley faces a maximum prison sentence of five years for the crime, but Chicagoist suggests that his assistance to the police might ease his sentencing later this year.