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6 Ways You Can Help Animals In Need In Japan

HuffPost   Gabrielle Canon   First Posted: 03/17/11 02:34 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:40 PM ET

As reports and images of the tragic aftermath caused by the earthquake in Japan last Friday continue to pour in, organizations from around the world are stepping up efforts to lend a hand.

Though there continues to be a dire need to help the people in Japan, animals affected by the disaster are also in need of assistance. Many Japanese families include beloved pets, which can be easily lost in the confusion of a catastrophe. Also, some shelters don't allow animals, which has left many pet owners without access to much needed services.

Both Japanese agencies and nonprofits from around the world are heeding the call by providing on the ground search and rescue and badly needed resources for Japanese animals affected by the devastation. Here are some organizations making an impact for these animals and their owners.

Animal Refuge Kansai
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After the 1995 "Great Hanshni-Awaji" earthquake, the Animal Rescue Kansai (ARK) played an integral part in rescuing and assisting abandoned and lost animals. Using helicopters, ARK saved over 600 animals.

During the current catastrophe, they are drawing on that experience to ready resources for what they believe will be an even larger rescue effort. They have begun to build facilities and are awaiting instructions from Japanese authorities.

Supporters can help animals in need by making a donation to ARK.
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