03/17/2011 09:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

House of Arden: A Chat With Denver's Tutu Designer

House of Arden has exploded onto Denver's fashion scene with edgy tutus that seamlessly blend funk, fashion and fantasy. Ranging from couture children's pieces to teen and adult party-wear to a recent custom wedding design, closets across Denver are filling with tulle thanks to owner and designer Lesley Lang Temple. We met up with Lesley to get the 4-1-1 on her creations.

What inspired your first tutu?
My girls! We did a photo shoot and there was this really cute tutu and I thought, gosh, I could make that for [my daughter] Lael because she's so tall and everything's short on her, so that's what started it.

And what inspired the name House of Arden?
A photo was taken of [my daughter] Arden from the same photo shoot, and we came back to the photography studio and we were looking at the picture and it's just this total attitude shot. [My husband] Andy suggested "House of Arden."

What's the process for creating your products?
I like fashion ... I look at a lot of clothes. I'll go to the fabric store and just walk around and look at color combinations. That's pretty much what gets it started. They're all hand-tied ... I like them hand-tied because they're fluffier.

Now you have tutus for adults as well. How did that happen?
I did the long children's and I put them in a store, and all of a sudden last spring these girls started coming in and buying for prom. Then this other woman came in and asked "can I do it longer?" I just started making them, and they're doing smashing because, well, everybody needs a tutu. I always say my market is a newborn to age 100. We had a woman recently who's 80, and she wore it for her 80th birthday party.

You decorate many of your pieces with vintage and antique jewelry -- what else do you use?
Trains, bustles, ribbons, rhinestones, Swarovskis -- love those -- pearls, buttons ... anything I find that's inspirational.

You've done a number of fashion shows. Which ones have you been in recently?
I did the Johnson & Wales DiverCity Show, I've done some things for Fashion Denver, and then the big one we have coming up ... is the Denver Style Expo, where we're nominated for a Denver Style Award.

And you've been popping up in an array of local publications ...
Yes, HERLIFE Magazine did a four-page spread and I'm meeting with LoDo Magazine because we'll be dressing their April "It Girl."

In which stores can we find your tutus?
Right now I do a lot with Crème de la Couture and Cali & Mo. They're probably the biggest two, then Paper Doll in Boulder and Wizard's Chest [which is] a little more seasonal. Cali & Mo are the ones who started me on the adult tutus. Crème de la Couture is who I partner with for runway shows.

House of Arden will take the runway at Denver Style Expo on April 2 at 3pm.