'Limitless': Watch The Entire Bradley Cooper Film In One Minute

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We only use 10% of our brains, so normally, it takes two hours to watch a film. If we tap into 100% of our brain power, we can watch a movie in just one minute.

That's not actually true, but in the new film "Limitless," it sure seems so.

Bradley Cooper stars in the mental/action thriller, playing a down on his luck writer who stumbles upon a drug called NZT. The little pill entirely opens his mind to maximum capacity, which is pretty sweet when it comes to remembering languages, dating Abbie Cornish and making big money with Robert De Niro. Unfortunately, it excites the interest of some nefarious people, as well.

Cooper has been out promoting the film in full force; he spoke personal business with Howard Stern, and did a little personal promotion to try and nab a role in "The Great Gatsby," as well.

If he sticks with this drug, he'll be able to play all the parts in that film.


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