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Rashard Mendenhall Defends Adrian Peterson's Slavery Comment

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Yahoo Sports published in an interview with Adrian Peterson on Tuesday, in which the Vikings running back said the NFL is like "modern-day slavery." Some players, including Green Bay's Ryan Grant, immediately disagreed with Peterson.

That was not the case with Pittsburgh's Rashard Mendenhall.

The Steelers running back tweeted later on Tuesday that Peterson was correct.

"@AdrianPeterson is correct in his anology of this game. It is a lot deeper than most people understand," he said. "Anyone with knowledge of the slave trade and the NFL could say that these two parallel eachother"

On Wednesday, Mendenhall went on a long rant on his twitter page.

Check out the tweets below:

The easiest thing for a person to do when they don't understand something is to call it crazy.less than a minute ago via web

When you look over the course of history at any great thinker, they had ideas that were not common at that time.less than a minute ago via web

And people called them stupid, dumb, ignorant. That's because they couldn't comprehend a new idea.less than a minute ago via web

If you look back and disect what I said, I ddnt say that the NFL was slavery, I said that they parallel eachother. Look up the word parallelless than a minute ago via web

This means that they're not the same thing, but they run the same course. These paths will never cross, but they mirror eachother.less than a minute ago via web

Learn to LISTEN before you pass judgement. Because speaking without knowledge of subject is truly ignorant.less than a minute ago via web

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