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Fox News Viewers Favor Mike Huckabee Among Most Likely GOP Presidential Candidates: Poll

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A new survey released by Public Policy Polling suggests self-described regular Fox News viewers favor former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee over other big Republican names believed to be mulling presidential campaigns for the next election cycle.

PPP relays the numbers on who's up and who's down in the eyes of the Fox News community:

Among the most likely Republican Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee leads the way with a +19 favorability spread at 45/26. He's followed by Sarah Palin at +16 (53/37), Mitt Romney at +4 (40/36), and Newt Gingrich at +2 (41/39).

Findings from a Gallup poll released earlier this month suggest Huckabee is the preferred potential candidate among Fox News viewers to run as the GOP nominee against President Barack Obama in the next election cycle. Politics Daily reported at the time:

The winner of the Fox "presidential primary" is Huckabee who tops the list for regular Fox viewers at 18 percent, followed by Mitt Romney at 17 percent, Palin at 13 percent and Gingrich at 13 percent. Santorum was way back at 3 percent, according to the poll conducted Feb. 18-20. The margin of error is 3 points so no one in the top four is too far apart when it comes to viewer support. Gallup defined regular viewers as those who tune in four to five times a week.

In an intriguing twist, the survey from PPP suggests Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker polls ahead of the usual suspects with a +30 favorability spread among Fox News viewers despite the fact that he is not currently believed to be mounting a campaign for the White House in 2012.

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