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Japan Earthquake: 5 Stories Of Heroism In The Wake Of Disaster

First Posted: 03/18/11 01:37 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:40 PM ET

Among what's become drowned cities and shaky ruins, a number of dramatic rescue missions have taken place in post-quake Japan.

From trying to avert nuclear catastrophe to risking it all for a loved one, we share stories of the heroes beginning to emerge from the rubble.

Water Rescue
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Hideaki Akaiwa is a hero not only to his family, but also to other tsunami survivors.

The 43-year-old Japanese resident donned scuba gear to make it through flood waters to rescue his wife and mother. He continues to navigate the flooded streets with a survival pack of little more than a flashlight, Swiss army knife and a lighter. Read more.
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