03/18/2011 09:03 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 7 Worst Excuses For Turning In An Assignment Late

It's a Friday morning. Your alarm goes off for the tenth time. You look at the clock and realize you've hit the snooze button well into the first five minutes of your ever dreaded Friday morning class, which you're only taking because it was the only thing open when you were finally able to register. You grab your shoes and your books, spend ten minutes in line for coffee -- because, yeah, it's necessary -- and finally sneak into a seat at the back of the class just in time to hear your professor ask that you send your assignments forward.

Assignments? What assignments? You think, you think, you flip threw your notes, and then finally, in the bottom corner of the page next to your sunflower doodle is your homework assignment. The one you totally didn't do. Now what? Well, now you need a way to get out of handing it in today. Now you need an extension. Now you need a really good excuse.

So be sure not to use one of these...

1. The dog ate it. The oldest excuse in the book. Teachers can see this one coming from a mile away. But it's particularly difficult to pull off in college because more likely than not, you're not allowed to have pets in the dorm rooms. So even if your professor does, on the slimmest of chances, believe you then you'll be dealing with some much bigger issues.