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10 Of The Craziest Subway Moments Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

First Posted: 03/20/11 01:53 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:40 PM ET

In New York City (but really anywhere with an underground train) you have to expect to see ridiculous things happen on your commute. On one hand you might see a fight break out or something disgusting beyond belief. On the other hand, you never know when you'll see an awe-inspiring or hilariously baffling performance or prank. You truly do roll the dice whenever you step on the train, and luckily you've got your cell phone camera ready like the people below did. We picked out our top 10 craziest subway moments caught on tape. Watch all the insanity unfold and vote for the most ridiculous video!

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  • Fight Over Spaghetti

  • Rat Wakes Up Man

  • Dancing Speedo Man

  • Man Puts Rat In His MOUTH

  • Impressive Subway Dancing

  • Improv Everywhere: No Pants Subway Ride

  • Poorly Dressed Woman Maces Kid

  • Improv Everywhere: Human Mirror

  • Woman Freaks Out On Old Lady (With Subtitles)

  • Dancing Monk


Filed by Katla McGlynn  |