03/21/2011 11:36 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Racial Profiling, Slurs Alleged In Lawsuit Over Sherida Hughes' Traffic Stop

A woman in west suburban Montgomery claims that police officers used a vicious racial slur in a stop that she says was motivated by racial profiling.

Sherida Hughes is suing the Village of Montgomery, according to an NBC Chicago report, claiming that she was arrested on false pretenses based on her race.

Dashboard camera footage of the arrest (see below) appears to show the officers on the scene describing the defendant -- and possibly her passengers-- as a "bunch of f***ing n*****s."

But village officials deny that the officers used such language, or that there was anything untoward about Hughes's arrest--even though all charges against her were dropped. "Montgomery and the individual officers absolutely deny that race played a role in this traffic stop or in any of the traffic enforcement policies or procedures of the Village of Montgomery," village attorney Ellen Emery wrote in a statement.

For more details on the story, read NBC Chicago's coverage here.

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