Alyssia Crook Of Baldwin Middle School Gets Basketball Wish Before Losing Leg

03/23/2011 01:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For Alyssia Crook -- who will soon undergo surgery to remove her leg -- getting a chance to recently start, steal and score on her school basketball team was an ultimate wish fulfilled.

Crook, who goes to Baldwin Middle School in western Michigan, was born with defects to her legs, reports the Grand Rapids Press. When her parents adopted her from a Russian orphanage at five years old, she walked on the balls of her feet.

After years of surgeries and trips to the specialists, doctors recently told her parents they either had to shorten her legs or amputate the more severely affected one.

But first, Crook wanted to fulfill her basketball dream. She originally had tried out but didn't make the list, so she became a cheerleader instead.

Once the school's basketball coach found out about Crook's news, he made her part of the team. She asked her grandfather to capture one of the games on tape, the Grand Rapids Press reports.

"Someday," she told him, "I want to be able to show my kids that I played basketball with both legs."


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