03/23/2011 05:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Dating Josh Hutcherson? Star Talks Love, Zac Efron On 'Ellen'

Now that she's graduated from her "High School Musical" relationship with Zac Efron, is Vanessa Hudgens involved in some new extracurricular activities?

The star of the upcoming film "Sucker Punch" sat down with Ellen Degeneres for an that aired on Wednesday, and beyond promoting her new genre-bending sci-fi school girl action flick, she talked about her love life. Turns out that five years dating creates a strong bond between people, even after they break up.

"We're good," Hudgens said of herself and Efron. "After being in a relationship with someone that long, you stay friends."

But is she more than just friends with "The Kids Are All Right" star Josh Hutcherson?

"Can't a girl have friends?" Hudgens laughed when Degeneres began to tease a question about a new man. And when Hutcherson was brought up?

"Aww, I love him. We just did a movie together and we had the best time," she said.

It's true: Hudgens and Hutcherson just completed filming "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on Oahu" together. Then again, they were also spotted together celebrating St. Patrick's Day -- whether either wore "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pins remains unknown.