03/24/2011 01:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Incredible Footage Of The Northern Lights In Norway (VIDEO)

Peak season to see the northern lights is nearly over, and Terje Sorgjerd, an amazing Norwegian photographer, spent a week chronicling their movement in and around Norway's Kirkenes and Pas National Park on the border of Russia recently.

MSNBC's photo blog caught up with Sorgjerd via Skype (see the video below) to talk about his work. Sorgjerd told MSNBC that he spent every night from sunset to sunrise "hunting" the Northern Lights. He took roughly 22,000 shots while there and turned it into this stunning video.

The kicker? The set the video to "Now We Are Free" from "Gladiator".

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To see Sorgjerd's Skype interview, WATCH below:

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