03/25/2011 03:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Buffalo Beast Editor Ian Murphy Announces Congressional Run

It's been a month since Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy called up Wisconsin Governor's Scott Walker, pretending to be David Koch, to give Walker a pep talk and a promise to "fly [Walker] out to Cali and really show [him] a good time."

And a lot has happened. First of all, that whole "planting some troublemakers" plan that Walker says he "thought about" before dismissing as a bad idea? It was maybe actually a thing! How about that?

Also, Murphy himself started mulling a run for office himself, and about a week ago, was apparently in discussion with the local Green Party about running under their banner.

Well, this is actually happening now: Murphy will be the official Green Party candidate in New York's 26th District, to fill the seat vacated by Craigslist aficionado Chris Lee.

Here's Murphy's official "fireside chat" announcement:

Over at his campaign website, Murphy offers curious voters with a look at his issues, which include job creation, a plan to raise taxes on the rich, a promise to take on bloated defense spending, and affirming the need to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act. Also, he will maybe buy you a puppy? I mean, that would be nice, right?

Of particular importance to voters in the 26th is the fact that Murphy is "pro-Craigslist transsexuals" but, "Unlike [Chris Lee], however, I am not a terrible hypocrite."

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