'Community' Throws 'Pulp Fiction' Party (VIDEO)

03/25/2011 03:55 pm 15:55:07 | Updated May 25, 2011

When fans first caught a glimpse of Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) dressed as Jules Winnfield from "Pulp Fiction" the immediate response was joy that "Community" would have an episode that parodied the Tarantino classic. "Community" is no stranger to genre and film parodies with several episodes spoofing everything from zombie movies, to an action movie episode about paintball and even a "Goodfellas" parody involving the illegal sale of chicken fingers. A day before the episode aired, show creator Dan Harmon tweeted that anyone expecting a "Pulp Fiction Spoof" episode would be disappointed.

Harmon's warning was well warranted because what "Community" fans got last night was not a "Pulp Fiction" spoof. The setup for the episode was that Jeff (Joel McHale) was going to throw a "Pulp Fiction" themed surprise party for Abed (Danny Pudi). The "Pulp FIction" implications of the episode ended there, with the main cast dressed as various characters from the movie acting out scenes.

While it wasn't a full-on parody, it was still a very solid episode and "Pulp Fiction" wasn't the only major film reference in the episode. We won't spoil it for you, but there's a great twist that only a smart comedy like community could pull off. If you have twenty five minutes to spare or your boss isn't around check out the episode on Hulu, or watch the brief clip below to see everyone in their "Pulp" garb (bonus: Chevy Chase dressed as the gimp!).


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