03/25/2011 08:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Racy Serena Williams 'Top Spin 4' Ad Yanked (VIDEO)

A racy ad for video game Top Spin 4 starring a scantily-clad Serena Williams has been dubbed too hot for TV and yanked by Top Spin 4 developer 2K Sports.

The 60-second commercial pits Williams--dubbed "world's sexiest tennis player"--against actress Rileah Vanderbilt--"world's sexiest tennis gamer"--in a battle on the e-courts filled with leather, fishnets, cleavage, and suggestive moaning.

"You realize this is a fantasy, right?" Williams coos at the end.

According to Joystiq, 2K Sports has not embraced the ad.

"As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues," 2K Sports told Joystiq in a statement. "This video is not part of the title's final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorized."

Still, the nixed ad made its way to YouTube, and Vanderbilt tweeted a link to it on March 21st.