The World's Most Sacred Destinations (PHOTOS)

03/25/2011 08:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Travel as a vehicle for spiritual transformation is hardly a new notion - seekers have practiced the act of pilgrimage for as long as they've looked up to the skies and attempted communion with a higher power.

Even in today's short-attention-span society, setting out to honor the divine or ponder the mysterious is a time-honored tradition that refuses to wane with the changing tides of our technologically-driven lives. put together a list of 10 sacred places that showcases points of perceived power and peace around the globe, where the physical appears to meld seamlessly with the metaphysical whether due to awe-inspiring natural settings, reported ties to great gods or holy humans, or long-standing consecration as sites of worship and ritual. (Huffington Post Travel also compiled a list of the more unexpected sacred places around the world.)

Text courtesy of, adapted from "Top 10 Sacred Places."

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