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Radiohead Support Group For Fans Who Don't Like 'The King Of Limbs' (VIDEO)

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It's almost as if Radiohead takes glee in reminding its fan base that they'll never record another album that sounds anything remotely like "Ok Computer." Ever since the release of "Kid A" in 2000, some fans have been beside themselves with frustration over the band's patent refusal to give them exactly what they want. And "The King Of Limbs" may be the final straw.

Fortunately, BBC Comedy has perfectly spoofed the plight of Radiohead devotees with this short about a support group for fans of the band's earlier work.


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What did you think when you heard "The King Of Limbs"?

"This is everything I hoped it would be! 4 stars!"

"This is challenging in a way that I've come to expect from Radiohead. I'm going to listen to it 13 more times in order to fully absorb it."

"I feel nothing."

"You know what would make this album better? Some songs."

"I wish 'Ok Computer' had never happened. Nothing is worth this disappointment."

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