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Southeast Asian Restaurants In Los Angeles

    First Posted: 03/27/11 10:08 PM ET   Updated: 05/27/11 06:12 AM ET

Story courtesy of City's Best

By Lien Ta

Ask your sweet pants this: Do you want to travel Southeast Asia with me? Tonight? She'll say yes, we promise, and you can promise her a culinary gastro-tour of at least the following countries: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines. The secret is: You don't ever need to leave Downtown's Little Tokyo to do all of it.

The Spice Table
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The latest It restaurant to unveil itself in Little Tokyo isn't serving Japanese fare; instead, chef Bryant Ng, formerly of the acclaimed Mozza empire, is embracing his own heritage and cooking up traditional Singaporean meals. Begin with a few snacks of Peanuts & Anchovies, Spicy Chicken Livers & Toast and a few satay sticks of lamb belly. Then, dive into some comfort-Chinese meals like Kon Loh Mee (rice noodles, choy sum, ground pork, shrimp and char siu) and Hainanese Chicken Rice -- a childhood favorite of mine -- steamed leg and thigh of chicken over rice that is cooked in chicken stock (pictured, at right). You'll notice a few Vietnamese gems too, like Catfish Claypot and Vietnamese Iced Coffee -- you have the chef's Vietnamese wife to thank for that, the lovely proprietress that will check up on you throughout your sure-to-be-unforgettable meal.

114 S. Central Ave.; 213-620-1840

Photo courtesy of City's Best
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