03/28/2011 07:57 am ET | Updated May 28, 2011

Tik Root Found: Middlebury College Student Found In Syria [UPDATED]

UPDATE, 3/29: Middlebury college student Tik Root may be in the custody of Syrian military intelligence’s Branch 235, the Burlington Free Press reports. Root's stepmother told the Free Press Monday that the family hasn't heard any more information on the student's whereabouts. “We remain hopeful that there will be something definitive soon, but diplomacy apparently moves slowly," she said.

A missing Middlebury College student has been found alive in Syria.

Tik Root, 21, had been missing since Friday.

The Boston Globe has more:

Root's father said Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy called him [Friday] to tell him that the Syrian ambassador in Washington, D.C., confirmed that his son was in Syrian custody. The ambassador apparently could not tell Leahy where Root was being held or when he would be released.

"This is a huge step, and we're very excited,'' [Tom] Root said. "Up until this point, we didn't know if he was dead. Now, we know he's alive, protected, and healthy. And given what's going on in Syria, being in custody isn't such a bad thing. We're just waiting for him to be transferred to the custody of the US Embassy.''

It remains unclear when Root will be released.