03/28/2011 07:52 am ET | Updated May 28, 2011

Too Soon Gilbert Gottfried: Fired Comedian Tells History's Forgotten Disaster Jokes (VIDEO)

When Gilbert Gottfried got fired as the Aflac spokesman for tweeting jokes about the Japanese tsunami, most people who read the jokes could understand why. But some people came to his defense, saying you can't fire a comedian for being a comedian.

If you can't decide whether Gottfried's punishment was sufficient, over-doing it or not enough, perhaps this latest video from Funny Or Die will put things into perspective.

In it, Gottfried details all of history's forgotten, tasteless post-disaster comedy. He goes after everything from Abraham Lincoln and JFK's assassinations to the Hindenberg and Challenger disasters, to something called the "Snarlington Attack On Sector 5." Too soon? Now you can decide.