House That Looks Like Hitler Becomes Viral Hit (PHOTO)

03/29/2011 03:57 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

"Morning. Here's a house that looks like Hitler. Your welcome."

That was the tweet from UK comedian Jimmy Carr that turned Swansea, Wales resident Charli Dickenson's snapshot of a house in her neighborhood into a viral sensation. Below is Dickenson's photo.

Dickenson told us via email about how the photo turned into a huge Internet hit: "It was just a snap on my iPhone that I didn't expect to get so big! I walk past this house quite often, but didn't notice any Hitler-esque qualities until I sat in traffic outside it on Saturday. It got retweeted by Chris Addison and took off from there. Mental!"

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?

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