03/29/2011 09:37 am ET | Updated May 29, 2011

Parents Of Caroline Wimmer Suing Facebook Over Photo Of Dead Daughter

A man was convicted of their daughter's murder, and the EMT who posted her photo online has been punished, but Caroline Wimmer's parents are still seeking justice.

From the Daily News:

The parents of an aspiring teacher who was strangled on Staten Island are suing Facebook over a gruesome photo of their murdered daughter that an EMT posted on the site.

Ronald and Marti Wimmer filed a civil suit in connection with the photo taken by EMT Mark Musarella after the murder of their daughter, Caroline, 26, inside her apartment in March 2009.

Marti Wimmer said she still hasn't "had a chance to heal yet," after Mark Musarella, the EMT who posted the photo, was banned from being an EMT ever again.

"Mark Musarella only got 200 hours of community service, and my daughter's picture is somewhere on the Internet and nobody can get it back to me," Wimmer said.

The lawsuit asks Facebook to turn over the picture, find out who has viewed or downloaded it and destroy images in its possession.

The suit also demands that Facebook cooperate with victims in the future.

A spokesman for the social media site said the company believes the suit is "completely without merit."

Calvin Lawson was convicted of strangling Caroline Wimmer in May of last year. He's serving 25 years to life for second-degree murder.