Sarah Palin 2012 Decision To Come Sooner Than Expected?

03/29/2011 12:42 pm ET | Updated May 29, 2011

While Sarah Palin has repeatedly said it's likely months away before she'll make her decision known on whether to run for president in the next election cycle, Hollywood Life reports that the former Alaska governor is expected to make a "big announcement" on Anchorage-based radio show "Bob & Mark In the Morning" later this week.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Palin could appear on the program at 7:30 a.m (presumably local time) on Friday. The outlet notes that the potential presidential contender has said that any major announcement she makes on her plans for 2012 would take place on the show.

Despite hints from Palin that she's considering mounting a campaign for president, HuffPost's Jon Ward reported last week:

All factors together, it would seem Palin should not, and will not, run. The most persuasive reason not to join the race is the effect it would have on her family. If she does not run, she can continue to make money on books and speeches and avoid the intense level of criticism and demands that come with a campaign.

Whether Palin will appear on "Bob & Mark In the Morning" on Friday or declare whether or not she plans to run in 2012 remains to be seen. Nevertheless, she said during an appearance on Fox Business earlier this month, "I still think it's months away before people need to be lining up and making announcements as to what to do," adding, "In the meantime, I'm going to keep chiming in on the issues that are important in this day."

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