03/29/2011 12:47 pm ET | Updated May 29, 2011

University Of North Florida's Oral Sex Newspaper Cover Angers Community [NSFW]

Oral sex: Always guaranteed to raise controversy on a college campus.

This week, the fracas is at the University of North Florida, where student newspaper the Spinnaker published an artful rendering of male-on-female oral sex on the cover of its March 24 edition.

(UPDATE 3/31 Facebook has pulled the photo from the newspaper's profile page, deeming it a "violation." More details here. Scroll down to see the graphic cover.)

According to the Florida-Times Union, the community has not taken kindly to the photo, which corresponded with a story about how oral sex may cause throat cancer.

University President John Delaney said he has gotten many complaints, mostly from women, about the picture.

He said he thought the picture on the cover was distasteful and inappropriate, and a high school cheerleading camp held on campus this weekend compounded the problem. The Spinnaker is independent, Delaney said, but he questions their judgment - and asks them to do the same.

"It's a student-run paper and we're going to have some risque things. That's what happens in a campus environment," Delaney said. "But this really kind of crossed a decency line."

However, Spinnaker Editor Josh Gore said the blowback has been "minimal." He told WSTP that the story and the pictoral were both "necessary."

What do you think? Is the cover (below, NSFW!) too hot for campus?