Wal-Mart Sex Discrimination Case: Books On The Big Box Retailer

03/30/2011 07:44 am ET | Updated May 30, 2011

This week, the US Supreme Court considers Wal-Mart's demand to dismiss a 10-year-old sex discrimination suit brought by more than 1,000,000 women. The employees accused Wal-Mart of passing them over for promotion in favor of men and paying them less than men. If it is allowed to proceed, as lower courts have ruled, the women are seeking billions of dollars in back pay.

There's no question that Wal-Mart and other big box stores have changed the shape of retailing in America. Books about the lawsuit and the company cover the full range of emotion from loving the behemoth retailer to absolutely hating it. Let us know what you think by voting in the slideshow below.