Dez Bryant's Adviser: 'He's In A Dark Place'

03/30/2011 05:56 pm ET | Updated May 30, 2011

Dez Bryant has had a rough two weeks.

The Dallas Cowboys receiver was kicked out of a shopping mall last week after a dispute over saggy pants. Deion Sanders, Bryant's former mentor, ripped him on the radio and said he has no desire to speak to him. He now faces two lawsuits seeking a combined total of $861,350, along with interest and attorneys fees.

David Wells, Bryant's adviser, told ESPN 103.3 FM's "Ben & Skin Show" on Wednesday that the 22-year-old is in a "dark place" right now.

"I talked to him yesterday and he wants to get past this. He wants to get all these deals past him and closure," Wells said. "He's in a dark place in his life. Until you find that light, you're going to continue to be in a dark place."

He went on to say that Bryant just "wants to be left alone."