03/30/2011 08:15 am ET | Updated May 30, 2011

Glenn Beck: Obama Administration Is 'Encouraging Evil In The Middle East' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck said that the Obama administration was "encouraging evil in the Middle East" and leading the world to want to attack Israel.

Speaking on his Monday show, Beck was clearly unhappy with the war in Libya, Beck said that, by supporting the Libyan opposition, the U.S. was sending a dangerous message about Israel. "The world is being led to the water that Israel is the evil one and it's about to drink," he said. "Don't drink that water."

Beck went on to say that the Obama administration is "siding with the wrong side. They are standing against good and encouraging evil in the Middle East. We are reprimanding the nation that is as flawed as we are protecting the aggressors. We're protecting the killers and the terrorists."