03/30/2011 11:01 am ET | Updated May 30, 2011

Money And March Madness: Should Student Athletes Be Paid? (VIDEO)

While millions of dollars are being made from the NCAA tournament and March Madness generating the best ratings in 20 years, one question is repeatedly asked: Should student athletes be paid?

PBS's "Frontline" correspondent Lowell Bergman tackled the subject in a Tuesday segment called "Money and March Madness."

Begman discusses the concept of amateurism with NCAA president Mark Emmert, who considers college athletes as "pre-professionals."

At his first NCAA convention, Emmert said that student athletes are "people who are in training for what they will do in their life."

"That's what all of our students are like," Emmert continued. "They're pre-professional and some of them happen to play sports."

Best-selling author Michael Lewis rejected the idea of amateurism in college sports and pointed out that the real value of a star quarterback on a college team "could be $5 million a season."

"College sports is professional in every aspect but one, they don't pay the labor," Lewis said.

Bergman also talked with former sports marketing executive for Nike Sonny Vaccaro, who said that the players aren't treated fairly because everyone makes money except for them.

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