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Spring Cleaning For A Cause: 7 Ways To Give

First Posted: 03/30/11 10:54 PM ET   Updated: 05/30/11 06:12 AM ET

Spring has officially sprung. March 20 marked the official beginning of spring, which means you may already be digging through your closet to switch out sweaters for swimsuits. Symbolically throwing out your winter doldrums by purging a packed closet is one of the season's eternal rites, but spring cleaning can often leave you feeling a little guilty about tossing perfectly good stuff.

At HuffPost Impact, we feel the same way. Piles of old computers and awkwardly out-of-date sweaters have languished in our homes for far too many a month out of the vague sense we should do something more with them. That's why we looked into a few ways you can clean out your closet while you clear your conscience, by donating unused items to charities.

Here are seven ways you can connect your gently used goods with people who are ready to wear them out or contribute other household clutter to reduce your footprint and increase your impact.

Old Kicks Can Keep Kickin
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Save old sneaks by sending them to Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that distributes "gently" used shoes to those around the world who need them. According to the website, Soles4Souls has "distributed nearly 12 million pairs to people in 125 countries."

If you want to donate shoes that are no longer wearable, you can send them to Nike's "Reuse a shoe" where they will be recycled into tracks, basketball courts, playgrounds and more.
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