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Jon Stewart Mocks Bachmann, Gingrich & Cain's 2012 Base-Reaching Strategies (VIDEO)

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Jon Stewart took a break from the subject of Libya Wednesday night to offer some more insight on the 2012 presidential election. The "Indecision 2012" segment focused on the GOP's front runners and some of the ridiculous things they are each doing to reach their political base.

Since you can't reach America's heartland with the "lamestream" media, potential candidates like Michele Bachmann are reaching out in their own way, like her State Of The Union rebuttal and live chat on Facebook. But when you don't look directly into the camera or have your live feed interrupted by waterfall noises, as Stewart pointed out in Bachmann, you might not reach the denizens of "Base-istan" quite so easily.

Herman Cain was also a target of Stewart's, after he said he wouldn't appoint a Muslim as a federal judge or to his cabinet. But it was Newt Gingrich who got the funniest response from Stewart after he warned of a future, secular, Atheist America, "potentially one dominated by radical Islamists." Atheist Muslims? Stewart had to call him out:

"How can a secular Atheist country be dominated by religious extremists? What, do they pray five times a day to a God they don't believe exists?"

Watch the full clip below, and if you want more Indecision 2012 coverage, check out the second segment on The Daily Show's website.


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