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The Most Epic College Pranks

First Posted: 04/01/11 09:40 AM ET   Updated: 06/01/11 06:12 AM ET

April Fools' Day is a time for college students to exercise their most creative muscles -- from dreaming up ways to harm kittens to concocting imaginary UFOs. Below, check out the most creative pranks pulled by college students (and one professor!) from 1896 to the present. And feel free to carry on the legacy of these masterful tricks at your campus -- be sure let us know about it in the comments section if you do!

Bonsai Kitten, MIT
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When BonsaiKitten launched in 2000, it spurred a vitriolic reaction from animal lovers horrified by the site's dedication "to preserving the long-lost art of body modification in housepets." Claiming to have been inspired by the "Oriental art of miniature sculpture," the site offered to "shape kitties to your specification" and sold items like "antagonistic animal shapes." The site was so realistic that it warranted an investigation by the FBI and Humane Society of the United States. After an extensive search, they were able to assure the public that the site was a hoax started by MIT graduate students -- and that "kittens are NOT really being grown in glass jars."

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